Is a Low Desire to Read the Bible a Sign of Poor Faith?
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Is a Low Desire to Read the Bible a Sign of Poor Faith?

Was Jesus in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve?

Episode 240 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer questions on if people who have never heard the Gospel be saved, what it means that Jesus "was in the beginning," and if man has dominion over the creation today.

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Episode 240 Show Notes

Was Jesus in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve?

From the Show

Was Jesus in the garden with Adam and Eve?

Well, Jesus wasn't there with Adam and Eve in the beginning. Of course, the eternal Son, the Word by whom the Father made all things has always been present at the Father's right hand. He is eternally begotten of the Father, one with the Father, in essence, but he had not yet become flesh. In other words, he wasn't Jesus of Nazareth walking around the Sea of Galilee. He was the eternal Son who had not yet assumed our humanity. That's why we can distinguish between pre-incarnation and post incarnation. Jesus in His eternal relation to the Father, as the only begotten Son, and when he became flesh, still, the eternally only begotten Son, but identified now as Jesus of Nazareth. You don't see in Scripture references to Jesus in creation, you see references to the Word or the eternal Son of God in creation. — Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. Can God save people who have never heard the gospel but are obedient to the light that they have received either through God revealing himself in nature or another religion?

2. In John 3, what does Jesus mean when he talks about the wind related to the Spirit and being born again?

3. In the beginning, Jesus was with Adam and Eve and then he was born as a child. That confuses me right there.

4. Should Christians seek to be tolerant? I know that there is a difference between being respectful and capitulating to the culture and some people are against the idea of tolerance. What do you think?

5. Jesus tells us that we must be born again? Can you get this little by little or is it like a real birth that happens all at once?

6. Genesis 1:26 says that Adam was to “have dominion over creation.” Is this still true today?



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